Monthly Archives: September 2012

I came across Morag Myerscough when she gave a lecture at the Manchester Design Symposium earlier this year. I found her approach to type and design really playful.

She is a mixture of graphic designer, installation artist and sign painter. Her colour schemes are mental, don’t stare at her website for too long or you may get a headache.

Not bad that.

This is her most recent work called The Movement Cafe, a temporary cafe and performance space in Greenwich. It was built to coincide with the olympics.

One thing I always notice about her projects is how they have a positive effect on communities, schools or just your average joe bloggs walking down the street.


Heres a quick look back from Last Christmas, when I visited the MOTI (Museum of the Image) in Breda, near Amsterdam.

A truly incredible museum which I keep looking back to for inspiration for this years self-initiated projects.