Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Manchester Design Symposium is set to return next month for its second outing, and although the organisers haven’t yet released the full line up, they’ve revealed that among the speakers will be Adrian Shaughnessy and Morag Myerscough.


Just ordered 3 half price student tickets, there is now only 6 left, so if you fancy this, be quick!


Every placement’s worst nightmare… the studio Christmas card.

A tree and its star prefaced Detail’s best wishes for Christmas 2011.


Getting stuff through the post is always nice.

We received this from Tea Cake, a studio from Manchester who do some nice stuff with type.

We got some letterpressed beer mats, and a double sided A3 poster. Lovely.

Even the label on the envelope had been considered, and they had gone to the trouble of printing
Ted & Paul’s names on the invitiation.

These little touches really make the difference, and make the invitation feel more personal.